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All our treatments include a thirty minute initial assessment. During this time we will ask you a series of questions which allow us to gain an understanding of the problem in hand. A physical examination will follow, with an action plan and diagnosis. This will all be explained in detail to you and treatment will begin as appropriate.



Physiotherapy is a health care profession which identifies and maximises movement potential through:


Assessment, Advice, Treatment and Rehabilitation


Our Physiotherapist's treat people of all ages with a variety of physical problems caused by illness, injury, accident or ageing. 


As Chartered Physiotherapist’s we offer return to health through assessment and treatment by combining our medical knowledge and skills to improve a broad range of physical problems associated with the human body.

Physiotherapy Costs


- Self-pay 60 min appt (assessment and treatment)  - £72


- Self-pay half hour treatment - £37

Please note insurance treatments are priced on an individual basis

Our Treatments & Facilities 

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy Costs


- 90 min treatment - £55

- 60 min treatment - £40

- 45 min treatment - £35

- 30 min treatment - £25

Massage Therapy can have numerous physiological benefits. The main aim of massage within the Alexandra Physiotherapy Clinic is to encourage repair and renewal of the tissues as a compliment to or in isolation of physiotherapy.


Massage therapy benefits include:

 - Increased blood flow to encourage rapid recovery

 - Release tissues to reduce pain and assist return to normal movement

 - Reduce stress and anxiety by relaxing both mind and body





Sports Injury Care

Sports Injury Care is a valuable treatment to anyone taking part in regular exercise. Whether you are a keen cyclist, runner, golfer, gym-goer or professional athlete, Sports Injury Care aids preparation and recovery, prevents injury and helps to achieve optimal performance in your sport. It can also help:


Reduce fatigue, alleviate swelling, reduce muscle tension, promote flexibility, prevent injury and prepare the body for optimal performance


Many people use this form of therapy regularly as an integral part of their training regime. Anyone with a training plan is likely to increase training at some point which can lead to the body experiencing additional stress. Therefore including Sports Injury therapies in any training regime can aid performance and prevent short and long term injury.

Clinic Facilities

The Alexandra Physiotherapy Clinic has a fully equipped rehabilitation gym including:


Cycle, Fitter, Parallel Bars, Bouncer, Proprioceptive Equipment, Step, Gym Balls


Our clinic also has:


 - Disabled access

 - 1 Treatment room

 - Remote booking line

 - Disabled toilet and facilities

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